Coaches, consultants and therapists use Xeali to streamline client admin, payments and tracking so they can focus more on their clients.

Supporting coaches to empower leaders to thrive globally

Engenesis believes that people are interconnected. We need others to point out our blindspots, hold us to account, and bring out the best versions of ourselves.

Although technology can play a major role in this process, we believe the role of another human being is invaluable and irreplaceable. Therefore, Xeali exists to support the rising number of coaches worldwide to do what they do best.


Automated Payments

Enjoy less client follow up after placing your client billing and payments on autopilot.

Assisted Scheduling

Integrate your calendar to see all your planned sessions in one place and make invitations right from your account.

Centralised Client Notes

Send session notes to your clients and track progress in one place.

The benefits

Streamline Your Operations

Cut your administrative follow up through automating and centralising your practice.

No More Losing Track

Keep all your client details, session notes and agreements in one place.

Enhance Your Clients' Results

Xeali streamlines your operation so you can focus more on what you do best

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