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For High-Potential Startups and Scaleup Companies

You’re a person who knows you’ve created an idea that has immense potential. But you have major challenges to overcome before you can expand your business such as getting it to scale, or dealing with a geographically or demographically diverse customer base.


We Can Help You On Your Journey

The Engenesis Ventures Team consists of hands-on entrepreneurs who have encountered the multiple aspects of the entrepreneurial journey many times before. As a consequence of observing many companies receive funding but still falling short of transforming into a profitable, thriving business, the Engenesis Ventures model was born.


What Can Engenesis Ventures Provide?

Engenesis Ventures partners long term with high-potential companies by taking an equity stake in their early stages. Whilst Engenesis Ventures is able to connect your emerging company with a network of investors, Engenesis Ventures takes the approach that capital alone is not sufficient to maximise the likelihood of success and growth for a business.


What Resources and Expertise Do Engenesis Ventures Companies Receive Above and Beyond Capital?

Venture growth strategy

Sales and marketing scale-up systems

Product design

Product development capability

Existing networks

Increasing human capital

Executive coaching and training

Operational process systemisations

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