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Web and Mobile Software Development That Powers Business Growth

Work with a technology partner proven to help companies scale, get successfully acquired and reach Inc. 5000 status.

Right Technology + Your Business = Exponential Growth

We not only specialize in building world-class web and mobile applications, we’re obsessed about how it plays a part within a profitable, sustainable and thriving business venture.

Every product built with Engenesis undertakes the Planned Agile Methodology, a structured approach to designing and developing your product that vastly reduces risk, roadblocks and rework.

Traditionally, software projects have a failure rate of 71%, as many business owners underestimate how complex software development can be. By partnering with Engenesis and using the Planned Agile Methodology, you will be incorporating world-class technology practices into your business.

Business owners and leaders choose Engenesis for their software to:

Hit Revenue Generation Target

Build Investor Appeal in Their Venture

Time Grow Their Customer Base difference

Obtain Wide Scale Global Reach

Your Global Team

Acube Technology and its Director, Anand Chellanadar, joined the Engenesis Group to partner within the technology division in 2017. The Engenesis technology team is passionate about helping businesses, no matter their size, to grow to become large-scale products. The team has supported companies to get acquired, grow internationally and become some of the fastest growing in their region.

The Engenesis technology team is located across Bangalore, the technology hub of India, and Sydney, Australia. Our team of over 80 software engineers work daily on projects that have the sole focus of generating income and scaling to more customers.

Our expertise involves products across multiple industries and have included:

iOS Mobile App Development

Android Mobile App Development

Web application Development

Cloud Strategy & Development

Business Intelligence

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