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In the Industry, 71% of Software Project Fail. How Come Ours Don’t?

Building scalable software is complex. Conducting proper UI/UX design is one of the greatest factors reducing potential failure in your software project.


Architect, Then Build

In construction, you need to complete the architecture and blueprint of your building before you start laying bricks. In the same way, you need to complete the design of your product down to each screen before developers start working on it.


Designed for Business Success

In addition, when you undergo the product design process with Engenesis, we involve our Venture Consultants to check whether what you’re building is founded on strong business assumptions. The result is an app, product or platform that doesn’t only look impressive, but is setup for enduring success.


Our UI/UX process includes:

Defining your avatars

Identifying user pains

Assessing the landscape of product alternatives

Identifying your unique value proposition

Mood boards and user experience research

Sketches and wireframes


Interactive clickable prototyping

Sketches and wireframes

Ensuring Technological Feasibility

At Engenesis, we take a holistic and multi-layered approach across all of our Venture Services. That is why all of the products we design are also reviewed with our Engenesis Technology Team to raise technological feasibility issues during the process.

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