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Technology Based Venture Investments Have Significantly Grown in the Last Decade

It is no secret that technology based companies have risen to be the leaders in the market by their sheer size. In addition, they have conducted this growth in timeframes that were vastly shorter in comparison to the growth trajectories of companies before them. This has led to investors to place more and more capital into the area to both support and capitalise on the growth of high-potential ventures as they go through their build-out and scale phases.


Sourcing, Researching and Managing Venture Investments is a Challenge As:

You need to filter through hundreds of companies to find one that suits you and will meet your quality criteria

Several areas of niche expertise is required - from technology infrastructure through to online marketing and growth - to assess any company properly and not be exposed to unnecessary risk

Assessing any company properly and not be exposed to unnecessary risk also takes multiple areas of expertise

It is time consuming to be involved in the operations of a growing business, thus limiting portfolio size

Finding deal flow takes time, including developing long-standing relationships and networks

How Engenesis can work with you to supercharge your venture investment:

Engenesis can consult on your ventures

Engenesis helps investors with the advice and hands-on expertise they need in areas of:

  • Technology capability, infrastructure, assessment and planning
  • Customer acquisition systems and growth
  • Branding and marketing strategy
  • Sales and conversion
  • Business model analysis
  • Commercialisation and financial planning

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Engenesis can partner with you through our co-investment program

Whether it is our hands-on expertise, advisory or providing implementation services, Engenesis partners investors to put their capital to work hard for them.

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Leverage The Engenesis Expertise, Experience and Outstanding Track Record

  • Network of over 20,000 business owners, investors and partners
  • Interviewed thousands of startups and scaleups
  • Have directly consulted hundreds of companies, from the early stage to $100m+ valuation mark.
  • Originators of the Genesis FrameworkTM that maps the venture growth process and is taught to founders, institutes and investors globally
  • Researched and commercialised Being Profile, the world’s first profile based on ontology


How To Partner with Engenesis for your Tech-Venture Investments


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