Genesis Framework™

The Radical Way to Build Ventures Leaner, Faster and with Less Risk

Currently, 92% of early stage ventures fail. We’re building a future where entrepreneurship is markedly more effective and accessible to more people.

The Genesis Framework distills the process of building a venture into a comprehensive map.

If you’re a founder or business leader out to build a product or service that is commercially successful, and are not fooled by quick-fix and short-cut success options, the Genesis Framework is an invaluable tool to save you time, money and painful mistakes in the venture building journey.


Based on research and work with over 500 companies globally.

The patterns that lead to success and failure have been distilled into the Genesis Framework™ so that you can anticipate pitfalls, navigate issues and are able to take a holistic, multi-factored approach to growing your venture.

“What I love most about The Genesis Framework is that it turns an ad hoc, scattergun process into a methodical, structured one. I can see what is required for my venture to successfully grow.”

The Genesis Framework™ gives you an all-encompassing 360 degree view on your business, so you can approach it in a structured way leaving less of its growth to chance.


Why a Framework?

The medical industry went through a revolution that started 500 years ago. This revolution saw the transition from significantly low levels of effectiveness to levels completely unimaginable. To start the same transition in entrepreneurship, we saw that there was a need to start with the structural map of what the venture building process is fundamentally made of.


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Meet the Creators

Ashkan Tashvir

CEO and Founder of Engenesis, working globally to build an ecosystem of products dedicated to supporting people to transform and thrive. Beyond his business experience, his deep appreciation of the fields of philosophy, technology and leadership place him in a unique position to identify previously unexplored intersections between these fields.

Ariya Chittasy

Director of Engenesis Ventures where he works with an international portfolio of innovative and disruptive companies across many industries. Ariya is an internationally award-winning entrepreneur, leading one of his companies to be the fastest growing across the Asia Pacific. With formal training in the field of psychology, as well as comprehensive experience in the fields of technology, communication and leadership allow him to bridge the gap between each of these areas to generate an original approach for effective business practice today.

The Genesis Framework™ is for you if you’re courageous, driven, and not fooled by quick-fix and short-cut methods to success.

Work with Our Venture Consultants

It is used by:

  • CEO’s, C level executives - wanting to create new income streams or innovative products or services
  • Leaders and managers - driving innovation or growing departments
  • Business owners - Existing leaders in industry, that want to uncover and build what is next for their industry
  • Founders and entrepreneurs - starting out or growing a high-scale venture


The Genesis Framework™ Will Enable You To

Increase your business decision making speed

Take a structured, comprehensive approach to building your business - so you leave no part to chance

Gain a grounded understanding for what it will take to built-out and grow

Understand your business venture from multiple realms of expertise

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Use the Genesis Framework™ on Your Business