Our Movement

Our vision

Our vision is for a world where people and teams are empowered to address the suffering of human beings through the integrity of the individual.

Addressing the suffering of human beings through the integrity of the individual

People who ongoingly polish who and how they are being, and attend to their integrity, make decisions and take actions that reduce corruption and unnecessary suffering. Rather than office politics and facades, we're building a future world where seeing a lack of desired results is an impetus for people looking authentically at who they are being.

However, when the shadow side of ourselves – the unpolished parts of ourselves, such as our inauthenticies, lack of responsibilities and so on – take control of our decisions and behaviours, it leads to suffering for ourselves and causes suffering for others. The troubled parts of how we are being are the roots of dysfunction in the world. At Engenesis, we leverage the vehicle of business as a springboard to bring about transformation in the world.

A 500 year vision for entrepreneurship

We believe that entrepreneurship is uniquely positioned to make a difference in the world. Whilst religion, academia and politics play major roles, we chose entrepreneurship as our vehicle to move humanity forward. Not only can it resolve, at scale, many of the miseries faced by human beings, but it also can be used as a way to express our unique contribution to the world and be a source of deep fulfilment.

We also believe that the way we relate to, understand and practice entrepreneurship has not been fully realised. The current rate of failure in entrepreneurship is unacceptable. Our vision is to bring greater structure and systems to the entrepreneurial process to enable more entrepreneurs to effectively turn their ideas and inspirations into successful ventures that serve meaningful outcomes.

Five hundred years ago, surgeons had minimal success rates in addressing their patients' illnesses. They would cut open their bodies, but lacked the knowledge to make a difference. Today, we can take a 20 year old medical student and train them to slice open the human body and address the underlying issues with 90%+ effectiveness. We believe we are at the early stage of entrepreneurship and that we can raise this level of effectiveness, one generation at a time, by laying the right foundations.

Our Story

Over several years our team scaled the world to find ventures to invest in, partner with and grow. After sitting with thousands of entrepreneurs and founding teams, a key pattern became remarkably clear. Investment capital, venture strategy and technological capability, while being the common focal point for most, left a key factor out of the equation - human capital.

You can invest millions of dollars into great ideas and business plans. However, if the leaders give up along the way, the entire investment can be lost. This highlights how important the ‘people’ conversation is for business, even though it is rarely spoken about within a startup venture context and is an incomplete conversation in established organisations.

We became obsessed with how leaders and entrepreneurs use their human capital to produce results and value in the world. This has evolved into our ecosystem of professional services, programs, products and online platform that supports the transformation of leaders, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs globally.

Leadership Team


Ashkan’s expertise stems from a wide range of business experience. He launched several companies at an early age. Through going on to work with startups, corporations and government, he has a special ability to understand business in establishment, growth and large-scale stages. He used to be one of the Microsoft Certificate Trainers in the world for two years. He has extensive experience in CTO and technology leadership roles and with a deep passion for developing human capital and building high performance teams he has a unique ability to bridge the people, technology and business aspects of an organisation.

ARIYA CHITTASY | Director, Engenesis Ventures

Ariya has founded 4 companies over the last 8 years, one being awarded Fastest Growing Asia Pacific and another growing to 55+ staff in 2.5 years. He has worked with over 200 businesses in this time, consulting on marketing strategy, digital presence, lead generation and business growth. This experience has provided him a unique view into what makes for effective growth.

ATEFEH TASHVIR | Brand Management & Marketing

Experienced in marketing & brand management with a demonstrated track record in working in the health care, technology and fashion industries. As a Being Profile Accredited Member, Athena brings her skills in advertising, email marketing, public relations, and marketing strategy for the growth of the Engenesis group of companies globally. In addition, she is a strong consulting professional with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce focused in marketing from Western Sydney University.

ANAND CHELLANADAR | Director, GM at Engenesis India

With over 13 years of experience in the information technology industry, Anand has deep experience in what it takes to build large scale technology systems. His development experience includes software design & development, web applications development, system security, mobile apps development and ERP solutions. He continues to lead the delivery of major systems that experience high levels of demand, one such withstanding up to 2 million requests on average per day.

Advisory Team

JOHN SMALLWOOD | People & Performance

John has extensive experience as a corporate executive, being engaged as a CEO in over 15 companies. He has successfully led and managed businesses with turnover up to and in excess of $250US million in Europe, Australia, and throughout Asia. This depth of experience has provided John an ability to see straight to the critical issues in an organisation that are.

JACQUELINE HOFTSE | People & Business Management

Jacqueline Hofste is a corporate consultant, talent coach, author, international speaker, educator and researcher. With a master’s degree in physics and over 15 years of senior management experience in the corporate world including managing global teams, Jacqueline now uses her experience and passion into her life mission to guide people on how they can excel despite the challenges of this demanding and forever changing environment.


Through our work, we serve those that are willing to be bold and passionate ‘trailblazers’ within their organisations, who are not fooled by ‘easy’ pathways to success and are ready to unite under a common cause that can change the course of the future.