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Our range of programs are for those who are not fooled by ‘quick fix’ or ‘short cut to success’ options.

Our range of transformational programs are for those who are ready for transformation and willing to do the work. You will be supported to cut through noise and confusion, get to the root of what drives effectiveness and performance and get results in your life, for your clients or for your team.

Being Profile® Assessment and Debrief

Are you ready to challenge yourself and overcome where you’re personally blocked? Use the world’s first ontological assessment tool to gain a profound understanding of your personal levels of performance and effectiveness.

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Being Profile® Accreditation Program

Become an Accredited Practitioner of the Being Profile®. This program allows coaches, consultants, managers, directors and HR professionals to administer the Being Profile® and unpack the potential of their teams or their clients.

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Thrive Coaching Program

Become trained in key coaching methods and strategies that unleash the power of the Being Profile® in your work as a coach, consultant, leader or manager.

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Being Mastery® Program

If you want to change the entire trajectory of your life by tapping into your Unique Being and transforming yourself inside and out, right down to the very fabric of your Being, the Being Mastery™ Program will be an unforgettable experience for you.


Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course

Elevate your ability to bring raw ideas to commercial life. This course equips you or your team with the Genesis Framework that includes research from over 500+ companies that have successfully navigated the process of innovation.

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Being Paid™ Program

Understand the key foundational principles for any coach or consultant in turning their personal services and expertise into a financially thriving business.

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