Being Framework™

Exposition of the Being Framework, a radical paradigm that causes leadership through awareness, integrity and effectiveness.

Introducing the Being Framework™

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In every organisation around the world, a crisis is happening

People are not operating effectively.We're causing mass wastage of effort and lost productivity. And it's not because of shortages ofresources or a lack in skill or intelligence. It is because of who and how we individually and collectively are choosing to BE.


The Framework

Fueled by frustration and anger transformed into clarity and determination, Ashkan Tashvir, CEO and founder of Engenesis and the Being Profile, formulated the first-ever framework for how humans 'ARE BEING' in the world, the Being Framework™.

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Thousands are using the Being Framework™

Instead of office politics and facades, thousands of people all over the world are now leading their organisations and communities with qualities such as authenticity, integrity, responsibility, commitment, reliability and assertiveness as a result of working with the Being Framework™ and its associated assessment tool, the Being Profile.

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More Resources and Applications of the Being Framework™

The Being Framework is the root or overarching philosophy and paradigm which a range of programs, tools and resources are based. You can learn more about them below.

BEING by Ashkan Tashvir

The BEING book comprehensively lays out the Being Framework™, a first-of-its-kind paradigm to who and how humans are 'Being' in the world. People around the world are adopting the Being Framework™ to support them to elevate their levels of performance, effectiveness and leadership.

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Audiobook available
In HUMAN BEING – illuminating the reality beneath the facade, Ashkan Tashvir adopts an ontological ('let's get real') approach to understanding human beings – ourselves and others. Whether you are building your career, a startup, a family, a relationship or an organisation, how you and the people around you are BEING matters. Discover how to see through your and others’ Being by decoding the primal qualities that influence our behaviours and decisions and drive our results.

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The Being Profile®

The Being Profile® is the official assessment and measurement tool of the Being Framework™. After an initial 45 minute assessment, your Accredited Practitioner will sit with you in a one-on-one debrief session to map your results to practical implementation within your life.

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The Being Profile Assessment and Debrief, Being Profile Accreditation Program, Thrive Coach Training Program and Being Mastery Program are transformational programs founded upon the Being Framework.

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